OGResearch's Managing Partner raised concerns in a recent interview about the Czech National Bank's ability to manage inflation


March 3, 2023

In a recent interview, David Vavra, Managing Partner of OGResearch, criticized the Czech National Bank (CNB) for its handling of inflation. He argued that the CNB has quietly abandoned its inflation targeting regime, with inflation in the Czech Republic set to remain in double digits for most of this year, far from the bank's official goal of 2%. Vavra, who played a key role in implementing and modelling the CNB's inflation targeting mechanism in the late 1990s, stated that the bank's leadership lacks a clear view of how inflation will develop.

The full interview can be found here (in Czech): https://cc.cz/vedeni-cnb-nema-tuseni-co-se-bude-dit-s-inflaci-cesi-jsou-narod-setrilku-rika-ekonom-david-vavra/