OGResearch Macro Portal Newsletter -- November 2019


December 2, 2019

Country Risk Rating Interim Update

  • Interim Country Risk Rating update is available for download on the Macro Portal
  • The interim update adds outlook to the current rating for each country. The ratings will be reevaluated in the full update in April next year

November forecast highlights:


  • Ongoing public unrest prevents economic stabilization
  • October elections postponed indefinitely
  • Unrest and uncertainty weigh heavily on growth and exchange rate


  • Political situation stabilized after elections
  • New government is proactive in implementing necessary reforms
  • Growth will remain fast,driven by investment

Sierra Leone

  • Macroeconomic policies have been appropriately tightened
  • Increased exchange rate flexibility is a positive signal
  • Review of mining licences puts pressure on foreign investors

Forecast schedule:

November full updates:

  • Haiti
  • Madagascar
  • Sierra Leone

Coming in December:

  • Georgia - Dec 23
  • Kyrgyzstan - Dec 23
  • Mongolia - Dec 9
  • Mozambique - Dec 9