OGResearch Macro Portal Newsletter -- June 2020


July 2, 2020

New content: Local-currency yield curves

Subscribers can download benchmark local-currency yield curves for selected countries. The yield curves are derived from data and provide an approximation to "risk-free"equivalent of investing into a given country.

The yield curves can be used for valuation, risk-management, and other purposes. For details on the yield curve construction, see information provided on our portal or contact us.

To view the list of countries with yield curves available, use the "Filter by product:" function on the panel on the right hand side of the portal web page.

The yield curves are available for the following countries:




User guide for Macro Risk and Country Risk Rating                         

The user guide will help subscribers get the full benefits of our reports. The guide describes content of the reports and illustrates how to interpret them using several real-life examples from recent history.

Download the user guide from the Dashboard:

June forecast highlights:


  • COVID-19 has hit the economy hard
  • Recovery in 2021 will be supported by reallocation of Chinese production
  • External balance deterioration will put pressure on exchange rate


  • COVID-19 has been largely contained and we expect growth recovery in 2021-22
  • Medium-term prospects remain solid, but we remain conservative about the speed of the reform process

Forecast schedule:

June full updates:

  • Myanmar
  • Uzbekistan

Coming in July:

  • Azerbaijan - Jul 20
  • Haiti - Jul 7
  • Kazakhstan -Jul 7
  • Mongolia - Jul 20