OGResearch Macro Portal Newsletter -- August 2020


September 7, 2020

New features available!

Macro Risk email notifications 

We newly offer automated email alerts whenever our Macro Risk indicates significant movement in the risk assessment for a country of interest. You can customize your own set of countries, or receive alerts for all countries covered by your subscription.

If you are interested in receiving the automated email alerts, please contact us at tomas.motl@ogresearch.com.


Overview of exchange rate movements                          

To help you monitor your diverse portfolio of exchange rates, you can receive bi-weekly email within formation on 7-day and 30-day movement in selected exchange rates. You can receive an overview of the full 80+ currencies covered by the Macro Risk, or define your subset of currencies of interest.

If you are interested in receiving the exchange rate overview, please contact us at tomas.motl@ogresearch.com.

Yield curves for new countries

Yield curves for Kosovo and Ecuador are now available on the Macro Portal.

The total number of yield curves available is eleven. To see the full list of countries with yield curves available, select only the Yield Curve product and unselect other products, as indicated on the graphics below.

August forecast highlights:


  • GDP contracted by 12% YoY in 2020Q2, we expect 5% overall decline in 2020
  • Government will renew IMF-supported reform efforts next year
  • The CBA will have to start tightening shortly

Forecast schedule:

August full updates:

  • Armenia

Coming in September:

  • Madagascar - Sep 7
  • Tajikistan - Sep 7