OGResearch Macro Portal Newsletter -- April 2019


April 30, 2019

Country Risk Rating Update

  • Biannual Country Risk Rating update is in progress
  • New reports will be available by the end of this week
  • We have added Uzbekistan, bringing the total number of countries covered by the CRR to 95

Batch Download of Country Risk and Macro Risk Results

  • One click download of all results for all countries in Excel file
  • Available from the Dashboard (main page)

April forecast highlights:


  • Short-term outlook negatively affected by external imbalances
  • Central bank remains cautious despite recent inflation decline
  • Risks mostly related to political uncertainty

Sierra Leone

  • The new government is committed to reforming public finances
  • However, growing public debt remains a major concern


  • Reforms broadly on track
  • However, key reform steps are yet to be taken
  • Central bank will not pursue aggressive disinflation policy

Forecast schedule:

April full updates:

  • Moldova
  • Sierra Leone
  • Uzbekistan

Coming next month:

  • Ethiopia - May 20
  • Ukraine - May 6

April interim updates:

  • Myanmar

Coming interim updates:

  • Myanmar - May 10